Our Ethical Commitment

Le Management’s Commitment to Models:
A CSR Perspective

At Le Management, our commitment goes beyond just representing models; it’s about fostering a culture of care, inclusivity, and ethical responsibility. Our mission is rooted in a deep commitment to championing diversity and equality – and our tone is one of understanding, support, and empowerment because we believe in seeing the individual behind the model. We go beyond the traditional boundaries of the modeling industry, striving to create an environment where every individual, regardless of sexual orientation, body size, or skin color, is not just accepted but celebrated. Here’s how we prioritize the well-being of our models and contribute to a positive and diverse industry:

Creating a Safe and Supportive Environment
As a model with Le Management, your well-being is at the forefront of our priorities. We understand the importance of a good and safe work environment. Each model is assigned a dedicated agent, ensuring a close and trusting relationship that goes beyond just professional matters. Your agent will be your go-to person, guiding you through your modeling career, and ensuring that you feel secure and supported every step of the way.

Inclusivity Beyond Boundaries
We celebrate diversity in all its forms. Our commitment to inclusivity extends to gender, skin color, race, and size. Beauty, as we see it, cannot be confined to boxes. Le Management takes pride in being a platform where individuality thrives, fostering an environment where every model is valued for their uniqueness.

Defying Industry Norms
In an industry known for its rigid standards, we take pride in defying norms. With Le Management sexual orientation is a non-issue, body size is celebrated, and skin color is embraced. We believe in dismantling stereotypes, promoting a future where individuals are recognized for their talent, character, and uniqueness, rather than conforming to antiquated ideals.

Co-founding the Ethical Charter
As proud co-founders of the Danish Fashion Ethical Charter, we are actively involved in promoting good and safe working conditions for models. It is our ethical responsibility to ensure that every model we represent is sent on jobs with the highest standards of working conditions. Our dedication to the Ethical Charter reflects our commitment to the physical and mental health of our models. Read more about the Ethical Charter here:  http://danishfashionethicalcharter.com

Empowering Through Education and Community
Several times a year, we organize events aimed at strengthening our models’ understanding of the industry and promoting body awareness. These events serve not only as educational opportunities but also as a means to build a sense of community. We believe that a supportive community is essential for the well-being and success of our models.

Tailoring Opportunities to Individual Potential
Recognizing that each model’s journey is unique, we work closely with our models and their families to understand their expectations and aspirations. Whether it’s balancing modeling with studies or pursuing a full-time career, we tailor our approach to each individual, ensuring honest communication about opportunities and expectations.

Global Reach, Local Values
With offices in Aarhus, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Stockholm, and Oslo, Le Management is a global agency with a local touch. Our size allows us to specialize in what impassions each of us, creating strong customer relations, exciting jobs, and strategic career planning. At Le Management, we are not just shaping models; we are nurturing individuals. Our commitment is not just to the success of your modeling career but to your holistic growth, confidence, and skills that will serve you throughout your life.

Embracing Diversity, Empowering Locally, Impacting Globally
Our influence is not just about shaping careers but also about shaping a more inclusive and accepting world. In essence, Le Management is not just a modeling agency; it’s a movement for change. Join us in reshaping the narrative, challenging norms, and building a future where everyone, regardless of their background, is not just seen but celebrated for their unique contribution to the world.